There wasn’t much that stood out for me before last weekend and given the final results Ican understand why. After a strange weekend in Aotearoa let’s try and find a few bets tosink our teeth into this week.
Highlanders vs Chiefs – Saturday 10 Apr @ 09:05, Dunedin
On Friday 2 April 2021 the Highlanders proved to the world that the impossible was indeed possible. Not only did they pick up the rarest of things in sport (i.e. a victory in Christchurch) but they did so with room to spare! But what will the effect of this lightning bolt result have on this weekend’s matches... The Highlanders will stride into this match against the Chiefs like a teenager arriving at school on Monday fresh off his first visit to second base with the girl next door at the park on Sunday – confident and cocky. But when the now cock-sure teenager approaches the hottest girl in school it could either lead to previously unfathomed success or a slap in the face and public ridicule.

I think this one will be an entertaining affair but I’m not confident which side of the coin the result will finish on. I’ll stick to some exotic plays for a betting interest.
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My best play for Aotearoa sees me have faith in the Chiefs to keep it close against a hungover Landers side whilst the Crusaders will bounce back from defeat.
Hurricanes Crusaders – Sunday 11 Apr @ 05:35, Wellington
Both teams look to bounce back from defeats as they meat in Wellington. The Canes have shown glimpses of what they are capable of but they are gearing up to try and operate on an injured animal on Sunday. Good losers lose often they say – I’m expecting the Saders to come out kicking ass and taking names showing just how “bad” they are at losing. There is a chance that the men in red could ease off once the job is well and truly done so I will favour a strong first forty-minute effort from the champions rather than a full 80 minute mauling (but not that I am writing that off as a real possibility).
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